New RedBubble Product Shop!

Quick update: I have created a RedBubble shop for products with my artwork on it! For the time being, I only have artwork that was originally for prints, so some of it does not fit perfectly on all the products. I am trying to find the right balance where I can create artwork that can be used for both prints and these products. If there’s something you’d like to see, let me know!

The link to the shop is:

Thoughts on Annihilation (SPOILERS)


After watching Annihilation yesterday, I am still torn about how I feel about it. It was filmed beautifully with amazing special effects and set designs It was very well acted and, for at least 3/4 of it, very well written. However, it left me with some questions…well, actually…a LOT of questions. Also, the last act of it felt like it was written and directed by a completely different person than the one who wrote the rest of it. While the last act carried forth the premise and the ideas brought up throughout the movie, it just seemed to have a completely different tone from the rest of the film. It’s also the part that gave me all the following questions.
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Monster Remix Drawings

My friend Scott draws monsters in his awesome, unique style…and I like to “remix” them and draw them in my own style. Here’s a few samples!